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Empowering Innovation, ​Connecting Opportunities

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At Golden Circle, we believe in the power ​of open innovation to drive meaningful ​change and progress.

We are a consultancy firm specializing in ​bridging the gap between corporations, ​startups, and governments, facilitating the ​exchange of knowledge, networks, and ​capital to fuel innovation and growth.

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs, ​intrapreneurs, and innovation teams to ​achieve their goals by providing them ​with the resources, guidance, and ​connections they need to succeed.

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For Corporations

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead requires constant innovation. We help corporations ​harness the power of startups and emerging technologies:

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Startup Scouting and ​Validation

Let us do the legwork for you. We scout ​and validate startups for corporations and ​governments, ensuring innovation teams ​find precisely the technologies they need ​to solve business problems, identify ​opportunities, and build new products

Ideation Lab

Ignite creativity and innovation within your ​organization with our 3-day ideation ​bootcamp. Designed for intrapreneurs and ​leaders, this immersive experience will ​help you generate fresh ideas, validate ​concepts, and develop actionable ​implementation plans.

For Startup Founders

Are you a startup founder looking to take your venture to the next level? Our tailored services are designed to ​support you at every stage of your journey:

Investment ​Readiness Program

Prepare your startup for ​investment with our ​comprehensive program, ​equipping you with the tools and ​knowledge to attract potential ​investors.

Pitch deck support

Craft a compelling pitch deck that ​effectively communicates your ​vision, traction, and potential to ​investors and stakeholders.

Programs for ​Female Founders

We are committed to supporting ​diversity and inclusion in the startup ​ecosystem. Join our specialized ​programs designed to empower female ​founders and provide them with the ​resources and mentorship they need to ​succeed.

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